Carl Amoth Photography | About
Carl Amoth has possessed an affinity for the creative arts since he was a child. Deeply inspired by nature, he began his path as an artist by drawing and painting fauna, flora, and natural landscapes. As a teenager Carl expanded his subject matter to include pen & ink renderings of architecture, which grew into a small business through commissioned works. During this time he purchased a used 35mm camera, which marked the beginning of his journey with the creative potential of this tool—ultimately leading to a full-time focus on creating fine-art nature and landscape photographs.

Contrasting his current career as a photographer, Carl began his professional life as a computer software engineer in 1981. This progressed into a successful career, where Amoth eventually became CIO for two companies. Although his “day job” gave him satisfaction and paid the bills, it was his love of the creative arts that truly inspired him. Carl realized there was a unique opportunity to merge his artistic talents and technical skills, which served as the catalyst for leaving his career in software technology in order to be a full-time artist.

Carl is meticulous in the craft of producing images, videos, and fine art prints—constantly researching and employing the latest technologies, tools and techniques in order to produce art of amazing beauty, quality and integrity.

As an avid student of the natural world and foreign culture, Amoth frequently travels abroad. The span of his excursions includes the landscapes of North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

Carl is the father of three grown sons. He and his wife, Bev, make their home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.